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[info]mightymouse [03 Feb 2020|01:59am]

1 coming undone

♥ allow me to introduce myself [09 Dec 2010|09:48pm]
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Ah. First impressions. Always such a pressure to make the right one isn't there? I think I've made enough of them in my lifetime for everyone to have their own opinion of me. Where do I start? I come from a long line of actors. Some even stars of silent films as well as stage plays. I did a few tv appearances and one movie as a little girl before I got my big break. Oh yes... E.T.. It amazes me how much recognition both I and the movie receive so many years later. I'll forever be grateful to it, for it made my career.

However, like many child actors in the past, drugs, alcohol, and partying became my world. All this before the age of 10. I did a few stints in rehab before finally cleaning my act up. I then became the wild child of the 90s. My hair color and style changed just as often as the guy on my arm. What can I say? I get bored easily. I also was known for flashing David Letterman only everyone including David himself found it more cute than disturbing... guess that Barrymore charm stuck with me.

My twenties were a time to get more serious about my acting. I got with a close friend of mine Nancy Juvonen (now Fallon) and created my own production company Flower Films. I also still expressed the wild child side of me and married after only briefly dating Tom Green. The marriage like his mtv show... didn't last long. Ouch burn! He was a funny guy though. I always loved a man who could make me laugh.

This takes us to today... I'm 35, and married!! forthethirdtime, but they do say 'third time's a charm' right? Misha is truly everything I ever looked for in a man. He's got that weird sense of humor that can make me laugh even when I want to cry, he finds all the weird stuff I do adorable, and there's just something in me that says we were made for each other. I have entered the world of directing with my movie Whip It!, and I am currently looking into another opportunity to go behind the camera once again. 2010 was an amazing year for me having given me the chance to win both a Golden Globe AND a SAG award for my role in Grey Gardens.

I am now happily back in Vancouver with my husband and our child to be in my tummy. I finished filming Everyone Loves Whales in Alaska just a week or two ago. Don't have much on my plate until January when I get the chance to go to India with my best friend Cameron Diaz, and also will be producing the remaking of Charlie's Angels the tv show. I'm not someone who can sit around doing nothing for long.

I'm always going to be a free spirit. I want to see the world, make differences, pose for Playboy...oh wait I already did that in my wild child nineties craze. You get my point. I have a few more movies lined up, and plans to start a family with my wonderful husband. Life has been such a wonderful journey for me, and I can't wait to see what it throws at me next.

coming undone

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